We have been San Francisco Diamond Buyers for over 3 decades right in the heart of the city on Union Square. We have been successful this long for a good reason. We pay very good prices for diamond jewelry and diamond rings.

Start by collecting  the diamond jewelry you no longer need or want.  If you have any paperwork like a certificate that goes with your jewelry, please bring them in as well .  Then the next thing to do when selling your diamonds is to find a trusted diamond buyer like us, since we have been established San Francisco Diamond Buyers with an outstanding reputation in the Bay Area.  Most fine jewelry stores will either buy your diamonds outright or will give you store credit towards the purchase of other lovely items.  By going through us the most trusted San Francisco Diamond Buyers on Union Square you are more likely to get a fair and current market value for your diamond jewelry.  We do have GIA certified gemologists on staff to examine your diamonds and give an accurate estimate of their worth.  A gemologist will typically examine your diamonds even if you have your paperwork accompanying them or not.
Once the inspection of the diamonds is complete, you will receive an offer to sell your diamond and your jewelry to DiamondsforcahSF.  At this time you can accept the offer or shop around for other offers.  Our offers might be time sensitive depending on your item. We are confident that we usually offer the most as we are established San Francisco Diamond buyers!
You have found the best San Francisco Diamond Buyers on Union Square